Adding New Document Package

Follow the given procedure to add a new document package:

  1. Navigate to the Document Package screen.

  2. Click on button present at the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the Add New Package screen. This screen is shown below,

  1. Enter the package name in the Package Name text box. As soon as you add package name, the newly entered name gets displayed at the top as the screen name.

  2. Enter a note in the Note text area. In the Note textbox you can give the reason on why this document package is being created.

Procedure to attach files from within Collection folders:

The screen displayed above has 3 sections: Collection Folder, Collection file(s) & Selected Collection file(s).

Procedure of adding files:

The selected files are displayed in screenshot below under the Selected Collection file(s) section.

The added files present on the Selected Collection file(s) section will be displayed on the main Add New Package screen. These files are shown below,

Procedure to attach files from local system:

  1. In the end you will have to click on (Save & Close button) to save the attached documents within the package and therefore create the package as well as close the package creation window and move back to the Document Packages list view screen. The confirmation message appears after successful completion of the package creation.

  2. Click OK. The new package gets added within the list of the Document Packages.

  3. Also, you can click on (Back button) anytime during the process of package creation to discard the package and move back to the Document Packages list view screen.


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