Rotating document pages

The rotation functionality will allow you to rotate a single page document, any individual page of a multi-page document or all pages of a multi-page document by 90 degrees (in total you can rotate a document page 4 times meaning 360 degrees) through the Viewer.

The process rotating pages of a document is described below:

Screenshot below displays the file as viewed through the application Viewer:



Screenshot below displays the 'Rotate document' pop-up box:


The current page of the document appears on the pop-up box.

o   After the document is rotated by 90 degrees, click on the same button again, to rotate the document by another 90 degrees (total 180 degrees).

o   Click the same button for the third time to rotate the document by 270 degrees

o   Click the same button for the fourth time to rotate the document by 360 degrees (the document appears like what it had been originally)

Screenshot below displays a document rotated by 180 degrees:



The main document on the Viewer application will now appear rotated. The following message appears in the middle of the Viewer screen, while document rotation is in progress.

Screenshot below displays the rotated document on the Viewer (after rotating 180 degrees):


After user closes the document and then opens the same document again, the document will open in rotated view on the Viewer. For multi-page document, only the page which is rotated will appear rotated.