Viewer features and operations

The viewer is of dynamic in nature. Each file is differentiated into say, 4 constituent parts as images (tiles) and then stored in the server; hence this leads to faster loading of the files on the viewer. The files are downloaded from the server to the viewer in real-time. The benefit of loading separate tiles one after the other is that this increases the clarity of the file view as well as nullifies the blurring of images when zoom is increased or decreased. 

After the file opens, you can use your mouse scroll button to zoom in and out of the document. Also, you can move your cursor at any position of the document and then use the scroll button to zoom in and zoom out that position of the document. Again, you can click on any position of the document and then drag the document around in a 360o format. Also, you can view the document in full screen and you can go to any page and then directly move to the first page of the document (if the document is multi-page).

Also, you can download the document with or without markups/annotations/hyperlinks, export the document to your local computer as image, send the document to any external or internal user & view previous versions of the document from the Viewer.

View option descriptions

Viewing Options Bar screenshot (appears on the top left-hand side of the Viewer screen):

Icon Description:

Icon Name


  Zoom in

Click to enlarge the document view by zooming in. This feature provides the option of a closer view of the document page. There are 5 levels of zoom penetration. The zoom level can also be increased by using the mouse scrolling button.

 Zoom out

Click to reduce the document view by zooming out. This feature provides the option of a far view of the document page.

   Go to home

Click to view the image in its original size

   View full screen

Click to fit the document screen in accordance with the size of the browser window i.e. view the image in full screen. Again, click the same button in the form of  to move out of the full screen view.

Viewer – full screen

The new full screen functionality allows the user to view files in full screen mode on the SKYSITE F&A Viewer.

The process of viewing the file in full screen is described below:

Screenshot displaying the file as viewed through the application Viewer:

Screenshot displaying the file in full screen mode:

In full screen mode, the top portion of the browser present at the top of the screen (address bar & tab of the browser) and the task bar of the local system present at the lower portion of the screen, disappears. Only the top portion of the Viewer application displaying the document tab remains in display.

The benefit of the full screen mode is that user can view the document in larger view as well as perform all normal operations on the document like drawing & saving markups, drawing & saving annotations, accessing saved markups, annotations & hyperlinks, downloading document, navigating to one page of the document to the other etc. User can zoom in & out of the document and drag the document across the canvas like in normal screen mode.

Other Operational Details

This is drop-down is shown in the screenshot below,

Download document

You can download document without mark, with visible markup or with all markups drawn on any page of the document (saved & visible both)

Print document

You can send the document directly to a printer associated with your local system (the computer through which you are accessing the SKYSITE F&A application).

The following screen appears after you click the [Print] document.

View all option

You will be able to see all markups/annotations/hyperlinks drawn & saved on the document after clicking the [View all] button.

Screenshot below displays the [View all] button [highlighted in the screenshot below] on the Viewer screen:

After all the saved markups/annotations/hyperlinks are displayed on the document, the [View all] button gets converted to [Hide all] button [highlighted in the screenshot above].

Multi-page document navigation

You can move from any page to any other page of a multi-page document directly without scrolling through the entire document. Says you have opened a document with 10 pages and you are currently viewing the first page of the document. Through multi-page document navigation feature you can directly move from the first page to the tenth page without have to scroll through each page of the document.

Screenshot below displays the multi-page document navigation feature [highlighted in the screenshot below]:

Also, you can directly edit the page number and open that page of the document on the Viewer. For example, as shown in the above screenshot, the Viewer displays page 1 of document with total pages 3. You can change the page 1 to 3 and the application instantly opens page 3 (last page) of the document.


This is shown below,

Document navigation panel

You can open the next document in Viewer screen, previous document, first document & last document from the Document navigation panel present at the top right-hand corner of the Viewer screen.

Screenshot below displays the Document navigation panel [highlighted with red rectangle]:

The next, previous document means the next & previous documents lying beside the current document (visible in Viewer) on the 'File grid view' screen (on the Collection files screen)where the current document exists. This is explained with the screenshot below,


Lets says the current document open in Viewer is Plan_Floor.pdf.