Add/Modify Attributes (meta-data)

Follow the procedure given here to add and modify attributes:

  1. Select the folder from the Collections Folder section. The file(s) of the selected folder is displayed in the Collection Files section.

  2. Select the files whose attribute information is to be added or modified by ticking the checkbox beside each file or select all files at once by clicking the checkbox beside the File Name column.

  3. Click on (More button) at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.

  4. Click on Modify Attributes. The following window appears,



The Custom Fields under specific Custom Attribute 'Approved By' are created from Settings > Custom lookup fields screen.


The Custom Field selection screen in shown below,


Adding attribute (meta-data) during upload:

If you have added files to a collection and need to add/change the attribute (meta-data), you can do so at any time. Clicking the plus sign next to the file will allow you to change the meta-data for the file. Below are the steps for changing the meta-data for many files:

                      i.        On the Upload files window, click the [Add attribute to all] button to add attributes to all files being uploaded.

                     ii.        From the Modify Attributes Window you will be able to select each file individually or all files simultaneously and add meta-data related to:

a.     Customer/ Vendor

b.     Description of Drawing

c.     Job Number

d.     Any other classifications you have added to your files.

             iii.  Add the data in the relevant fields and click 'save' and then 'close'.



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