Accessing & Understanding Collection Folder & File Screen

The Collection Folder & File (Documents) screen displays the folders and the files present within the folders under a specific collection..

Follow the given procedure to access the Collection Folder & File screen:

  1. The Collection Home screen opens by default when you logging in to the SKYSITE Facilities & Archive application.

  2. In order to navigate to the Collection Folder & File screen click on present on the Action Bar at the top right-hand side of the screen.

  3. The Collection Folder & File screen opens by default. If it does not open by default or if you are navigating to this screen from any other screen then click on present at the top right-hand Sub-Action Bar.

Screenshot displayed below shows the Collection Folder & File screen:

The screen is divided into two sections. The left-hand side grid section displays the folder structure of the selected Collection. Once you select any of the folders, the file present inside the selected folder will be displayed on the right-hand side File display grid.


Collection Selection:

Folders and Files of various Collections can be viewed one at a time by selected Collection from the Collection Selection drop-down . Once this drop-down is clicked the following Collection Select/Change screen appears,

Creating folder & Uploading Files within selected folders:

Description of left-hand side Folder Grid section:

The left-hand side grid section displays the existing folder structure under the selected collection.

Description of right-hand side File Grid section:

The right-hand side grid section displays the Collection files of the selected folder.

The following operation can be performed on the file:

You can rename the file, enter or modify the title, enter or modify the description and enter or modify search tags of the file within the General Properties tab. Fields under general properties tab are present by default. Search tags are keywords which are used to search for the file. The fields to be populated or updated under the Custom Properties tab are created by the user through Settings > Custom Lookup Fields.

You can fill up these fields during the time of File Upload. But you may choose to keep all these fields blank and later fill it up by clicking button. The File Name remains what it was before upload but you can change the name through the Rename File text field.

Details on meta-data information:

Meta-data is being used to classify the documents held in your database. All of these fields are searchable and will contain keywords for identifying documents in the database. Meta-data of any files can be accessed by clicking on the symbol next to the file name.

These documents will be searchable from within the files structure and via the global search. Most documents will also be OCR enabled making all text within the documents searchable as well. Access the Universal Search by clicking the drop-down next to the magnifying glass above the file listings.

Note: Most of the operations given above are explained separately in different help files.



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