Modifying Collection

Follow the given procedure to modify a Collection Information:

  1. Open Collection Home screen.

  2. Select the Collection Category (Active, Favorite, Inactive or Archived Collections). The list of Collections of the selected Collection category will be displayed in the grid section in a row-wise format.

  3. On the grid section click on button beside any Collection to modify the Collection information. Only if you are a Hosting User will you be able to edit the Collection information.

  4. On the opened up Edit Collection screen you will be able to modify information under the Collection information tab, Invitation tab, change owner of the Collection under Collection Owner tab (once you choose a new owner the edit privileges will pass from you to the new owner) & associate on or more Account team with the Collection. You will also be able to change the Collection status via the Current Collection status drop-down under the Settings tab. The Collection status can be changed from Active to On Hold or Complete. If the Collection status is changed to On Hold then the Collection is moved from Active category to Inactive category. Again, if the Collection status is changed to On Hold then the Collection is moved from Active category to Archived category The Settings tab is shown in the screenshot below, 

  1. Click on Export button to download the Collection information into your local system. The following screen opens up as shown below,

    1. Mandatorily enter a Export scheme name. You can enter a description if required.

    2. You can choose to download all documents existing in the Collection by selecting All radio-button or only revised version of those documents by selecting latest Revision radio-button under Export Options section.

    3. Also, you can choose to selectively download some elements of the Collections (shown in the screenshot above) by ticking the checkboxes beside each element. Again, tick on Select All checkbox to select all elements to download at one go.

    4. Click Export button to download all he contents.

  1. Select the folder sorting option by Manually Organized (as & when the folders within the collection are added), by alphanumeric (alphanumeric character), by create date on which the collection has been created (starting from the folder which has been created first).

  2. Click the checkbox Enable hyperlink  preview to enable the Hyperlink Navigation preview screen when navigating from one document to the destination document through the hyperlink drawn on the source document in the application Viewer. This checkbox remains clicked by default.

  3. Default view:  User can now directly land on the Viewer screen to view the document of his/her choice instead of the Collection files or Collection list screen, after logging into the SKYSITE F&A application. To view a document of his/her choice on the Viewer screen, directly after logging into the SKYSITE F&A application, user must select the Default view as Viewer from the Edit collection pop-up screen.

Note: By default, the Folder & Files radio-button will remain selected. This means that if this radio-button is selected then user directly land on the Collection files or Collection list screen (depending on the Preference) for the first time after logging on to the F&A application.

The file selection menu will appear.

The path to the selected file is displayed under the Start file radio-button.

User will directly land on the Viewer screen displaying the selected document through the Default view section on the Edit collection pop-up screen.


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