Accessing & Understanding Address Book Screen

Follow the given procedure to access the Address Book screen:


  1. Log-in to the SKYSITE Facilities & Archive Application

  2. Click (Contacts button) at the top right-hand side of the screen. The Address Book screen appears,


The screen above displays the Individual & Group Contacts saved in the application. The name of each group contacts/individual contacts, Company Name, Email Address, Work Phone is displayed for each Group/Individual Contact.


Operations which can be performed from the Address Book Screen from the top Action bar:




Operations which can be performed on the Contact List row-wise:




The fields whose data is mismatching is shown in red above.


To make both your and user's address book have the same information of the mismatched field:





Adding New Contact

Creating a New Group

Editing Contact

Removing Contact/Group

Searching Contact

Importing and Exporting Contacts