Adding New Contact

Follow the given procedure to add new contact:


  1. Click  (Add New Contact button) from the Address Book screen to create and include a new contact within the address book. The Add/Edit Contact window appears. This is shown below,



  1. Fill the fields within the Contact Information section. Fields which are not marked as Optional need to be mandatorily filled up.

  2. Under the User License Information section select the license agreement of the user. You can save the new contact as Employee, Shared User or just an individual Account Contact (called Lite User after getting access to a Collection).

  1. Under the Other important information section select the Collection role from the given drop-down. This is an optional field. Details can be sought from the Manage Role help file.

  2. Click Save & Close to create the contact & exit the window, simultaneously. Alternatively, click Cancel to discard the added information.



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