Searching Contacts

Follow the given procedure to search contacts:


  1. You can view the Contact Search section at the top of the left side of grid section under which the list of contacts are displayed. The search textbox along with the In drop-down are displayed below,

  1. Enter search string or keywords in the Search text box.
  2. The search for the entered string of texts will be carried out in either Contact/Group Name, Contact Last Name, Company Name, Email, Phone, Role or User License Type out of the whole body of the Contact as per your selection from the In drop-down. If you select User License Type, then the Search textbox changes to a drop-down where you can select Employee, Shared User, Lite User or Contact as the license type.
  3. Click (Search button). The search for the entered keyword will be carried out by the application in the selected field as per your selection. Those contacts matching the entered search string will be displayed as a search result.


Note: Click Reset button to roll back to the original list view before the search was carried out.




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